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Benefit from first-class 3D rendering services to boost your marketing.

3D Visualization and Rendering for Real Estate

Real Estate Visualization Agency, 3D Rendering Agency, New construction visualization agency

Boost your marketing with 3D rendering services.


Visualizations enable leads to have a more powerful initial impression with the property, leading to faster purchase or rental decisions.

Increased sales

3D visualizations offer precise representation of your property. This helps your leads to get an accurate picture of the property before the project is even built.


By visualizing the finished project, architectural problems or design errors can be identified and prevented at an early stage before construction begins.

Error Prevention

Find a selection of our references here:


3D Visualization New Development
Rendering of a penthouse terrace by Blue Moon Virtual
3D Visualization of a new development in Stuttgart
3D Interior Visualizations by Blue Moon Virtual
3D Visualization of a historic building
3D Visualization of a lobby
3D Visualization Agency, Real Estate Renderings
3D Rendering Student Dorm Development, Agency for 3D Renderings and Archviz
Industrial Park Rendering Agency, 3D Visualization Blue Moon Virtual
Community Kitchen Rendering, Agency for 3D Renderings, Visualization Agency
3D Visualization Agency
Bedroom Visualization, Interior Rendering agency
3D Visualization Agency
Dorm Room Rendering Agency, Campus Development Agency
3D Visualization and rendering agency
Archviz interior rendering
3D Visualization agency
Interior Rendering Agency
Agency for Architectural Visualization and Rendering
Interior design and rendering agency

3D visualization from Blue Moon: Efficient & reliable.


At Blue Moon, our team prioritizes customer-focused engagement and efficiency to create custom 3D renderings and architectural visualizations that highlight each project uniquely. We blend technical expertise with an eye for aesthetic detail, bringing visions to life with precision and passion. Our approach not only visualizes projects but enriches them emotionally and enhances their communicative impact.

What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization is a technique that makes it possible to present real estate projects in their full glory even before the first stone is laid. This technology offers a realistic representation of lighting conditions, textures and even the surrounding landscape. It has been an indispensable tool in the modern real estate industry for several years, not only providing a preview of future projects, but also facilitating the entire planning and marketing process.

3D visualization usually includes renderings that depict real estate projects with a photorealistic quality in both exterior and interior renderings. These high-quality visualizations not only serve as an effective marketing tool that can be used in the early stages of marketing, but also as an aid to facilitate building approval procedures. The detailed and precise visualization allows potential errors and inconsistencies in the planning to be identified and corrected at an early stage, thus avoiding costly changes during the construction phase. In this respect, 3D visualization offers an efficient and effective solution to a wide range of challenges faced by developers, architects and planners. Overall, 3D visualization makes a decisive contribution to optimizing the real estate development process.

New Construction Real Estate

For new construction projects, 3D visualization enables a detailed and realistic representation of the project before construction begins. This not only increases sales potential, but can also lead to higher pre-sales rates. It also helps to reduce risk and costs by identifying and rectifying potential problems at an early stage.

Are you interested in enhancing your real estate project with 3D visualization? Contact us for a personal consultation or make an inquiry directly. We look forward to bringing your project to life!

For realistic visualization and planning, as well as for early marketing.

3D Rendering for project developers

For creating interactive and high-quality real estate listings.

Real Estate Agents

3D Visualization for real estate agents

For visualizing and optimizing designs in the planning phase.


3D Visualization for architects

To help clients better understand interior concepts.

Interior Designers

3D Rendering for interior designers

To convince students or donors of Campus Developments


Campus development rendering

For realistic visualization and planning, as well as for early marketing.


Industrial rendering

Versatile applications of 3D Visualization:


CGI Tours r

CGI tours offer an interactive and realistic experience for potential buyers or tenants without them having to be physically present. These digital tours, created with the latest technologies and artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the way real estate is marketed.

3D Floor plans
3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans transform traditional, flat building plans into vivid, three-dimensional representations. They enable prospective buyers to better visualize the spatial layout and potential of a property.

3D Animation for real estate
3D Animation

3D animations bring real estate projects to life by presenting design concepts and architectural ideas in moving images. They offer a dynamic and vivid method of conveying the future appearance and atmosphere of a construction project.

Other ways to visualize real estate:


Word to our customers:


Michael Köppe

"In Blue Moon, we have found a partner with whom we have established a reliable working relationship. We receive customized solutions for our marketing requirements, and everything from a single source. This simplifies our processes and makes them much more efficient."

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Enis Bayik

"Working with Blue Moon to create high quality CGI Tours for Home & Co is extremely professional and impressive. With their expertise and creativity, they create stunning CGI that adds a new dimension to our website."

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Dennis Hildebrand

"At Blue Moon, we feel extremely valued as a customer. We would particularly like to emphasize the speedy implementation in the realization of our renderings and the first-class customer service. The quality is impressive and has more than met our expectations."


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Rendering of a university campus
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