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Beispiel für 3D Innenraum Rendering

3D Interior Visualization

Renderings for marketing real estate

Interior visualization is a type of 3D visualization that specializes in real estate interiors. Agencies and specialists can use it to create renderings that play a decisive role in the development and interior design, and above all in the marketing of real estate. Interior visualization makes it possible to present the interior of buildings vividly and attractively, even before the properties actually exist. This technology is particularly useful to convey the atmosphere and design of residential and commercial spaces in order to convince potential buyers and investors of a project. Our professional 3D interior visualizations help to present interiors effectively and attractively. Find out here how our services can bring your project to life.

Blue Moon Interior Visualization: Efficient & Reliable.


The Blue Moon team is characterized by commitment and customer focus to create customized 3D visualizations of the highest quality. We value a combination of technical competence and aesthetic sensitivity in order not only to depict your visions, but to make them lively and rich in detail. Our approach makes it possible not only to present projects visually, but also to enrich them with emotional depth and a strong communicative impact.

What is interior visualization?

Interior visualization, also known as interior rendering, is the art of creating the interior of a building or room in a virtual environment. These visualizations are highly detailed, showing everything from furnishings to lighting conditions to provide a realistic and attractive representation of the interior. Interior visualization is a specific form of 3D visualization.

Importance of interior visualization for marketing

Interior visualizations are essential for marketing and selling real estate. They allow potential buyers to get a realistic picture of the furnishings and ambience of a room. This is particularly helpful in igniting customers' imaginations and helping them form an emotional connection to the property.

Are you interested in enhancing your real estate project with 3D visualization? Contact us for a personal consultation or make an inquiry directly. We look forward to bringing your project to life!

Find a selection of our interior visualizations here:


3D Interior Render BM
3D Visualization Interior Rendering Home&Co
Interior Rendering Reference
Interior Reference Bonn student Living
Interior Render Home&Co Lissabon
Community Kitchen Rendering
Interior Visualization Bonn Home&Co
Community Kitchen
3D Visualization Terrace
Bedroom Visualization Luxury
Detailreiche Innenraum Visualisierung

Interior visualizations give everyone involved an early insight into the final appearance of a project. This allows feedback to be given at an early stage and changes to be made before actual construction work begins.

Early insight

Through the ability to virtually test design elements and room structures means that potential problems or design errors can be identified and corrected before they lead to costly conversion work.

Saving resources

It can be difficult for clients or investors to interpret two-dimensional plans or sketches.A detailed 3D interior visualization helps them to better understand the planned space and gain confidence in the project.

Increase in customer confidence

For real estate developers, interior visualizations are an invaluable marketing tool. They allow potential buyers or tenants to visualize a space even before it is completed and can therefore significantly boost the pre-sale or pre-letting of properties.

Marketing and advance sales

Why use interior visualizations?

Innenraum Rendering Beispiel

Why work with Blue Moon?

At Blue Moon Virtual we specialize in creating visual media for real estate marketing. We have many years of expertise in the art of rendering and 3D visualization. We focus on implementing customer-oriented solutions for marketing your real estate projects.

At Blue Moon, customer service is our priority. We strive to adapt our services to each customer in the best possible way. Open communication and reliable support are our focus.

CGI Rundgänge

CGI tours provide an interactive and realistic experience for potential buyers or renters without the need for them to be physically present. These digital tours, created using the latest technologies and artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the way real estate is marketed​​.

3D floor plans

3D floor plans transform traditional, flat building plans into vivid, three-dimensional representations. They enable interested parties to better imagine the spatial layout and potential of a property.

3D Animation für Immobilien
3D animation

3D animations bring real estate projects to life by presenting design concepts and architectural ideas in moving images. They provide a dynamic and visual way to convey the future look and feel of a construction project.

Other ways to visualize real estate:


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