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Blue Moon Virtual offers you full-service production of all 3D real estate marketing resources. Time- efficient, cost-effective and fully-customizable.

3D Rendering Services for Real Estate Projects.


3D-Visualisation newly built development
3D Visualization of family houses
Blue Moon interior visualization

Ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our dedicated team focuses on outstanding customer service and time efficiency to create unique, customized 3D visualizations that showcase your project in the best light. Discover with us how we bring your vision to life.

Efficient solutions for top-of-the-line real estate renderings.


At Blue Moon we believe that availability is the best ability, allowing us to handle projects of various complexities.


There’s a way to do it better and we find it.


We use leading technologies to excel the results.




Blue Moon Virtual was founded in 2021 in Berlin to support the development and marketing of real estate projects through 3D visualization and rendering services. The guiding principle: Making properties come alive.


At Blue Moon, 3D visualization has taken various forms: renderings, CGI tours, 3D floor plans, and animations. Due to technological innovations, this market is constantly evolving. Blue Moon Virtual is committed to continuously utilizing the latest technological innovations to enhance its services with efficient and innovative technologies and processes.

CGI tours are an example of this innovation and have reached a new dimension at Blue Moon Virtual through technological advancements. Before 2022, CGI tours were a common service, yet expensive and complex. Blue Moon leveraged the exponential development of modern GPU graphics cards and advanced software solutions to make significant progress in 2022. This breakthrough has made it possible to create CGI tours more cost-effectively and easily, leading to the development of 'virtual walkthroughs' that can be realized without physical presence. These advancements are also reflected in the continuous improvement of other services. The aim is to always offer innovative and enhanced solutions in the implementation and 3D visualization of real estate projects, staying one step ahead of the market.

In addition to a strong focus on technological developments, close collaboration and customer-oriented service are at the heart of Blue Moon Virtual's philosophy. Working together with clients, we identify needs, develop tailored solutions, and implement these solutions in practice. This approach has enabled us to establish long-term partnerships with clients and secure a strong position in the market. For Blue Moon Virtual, the key to successful marketing lies in understanding the market, as well as in trust and communication with our clients.

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Word to our customers:


Michael Köppe

"In Blue Moon, we have found a partner with whom we have established a reliable working relationship. We receive customized solutions for our marketing requirements, and everything from a single source. This simplifies our processes and makes them much more efficient."

Logo Bonava

Enis Bayik

"Working with Blue Moon to create high quality CGI Tours for Home & Co is extremely professional and impressive. With their expertise and creativity, they create stunning CGI that adds a new dimension to our website."

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Dennis Hildebrand

"At Blue Moon, we feel extremely valued as a customer. We would particularly like to emphasize the speedy implementation in the realization of our renderings and the first-class customer service. The quality is impressive and has more than met our expectations."


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