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Detailed new building visualization Modern

New Construction Visualization - The Future in 3D

In today's real estate marketing, the presentation of your project plays a decisive role. With professional new-build visualizations, we enable you to bring future construction projects to life today. Photorealistic 3D models of your new buildings will convince your investors and customers of your vision.

3D visualization of a new construction project

Before the first bricks are laid and the construction work begins, a new building visualization enables a realistic and detailed representation of the project. Materials, lighting and surroundings are included in order to visualize the project realistically.

Realistic project preview

Thanks to modern 3D technology, architects and planners can check and optimize design elements, room layouts and architectural details in real time. This allows different design variants to be tested and the best possible solutions to be found for individual projects.

Flexibility in planning and design

It can be challenging for potential investors, buyers or tenants to interpret two-dimensional plans. A 3D visualization, on the other hand, provides an immersive experience that makes it easier to see the value and potential of the new build. This not only increases sales potential, but can also lead to higher pre-sales rates.

Impressive presentations

Errors in construction planning can be expensive. With early visualization, potential problems or wrong decisions can be identified early and rectified before they lead to costly changes or delays. This not only protects your budget, but also the project schedule.

Risk reduction and cost savings

Why do you need new-build visualizations?

Visualization New Development

We use the latest 3D software solutions and AI technologies to visualize your construction project down to the smallest detail. 

State-of-the-art technology

New Development Visualization

Our team of designers and 3D artists has years of experience in creating visualizations for new construction projects. From residential buildings to large-scale projects - we realize your vision.

Experienced team

New Development Visualization 3D rendering agency

Jedes Bauprojekt ist einzigartig. Wir bieten maßgeschneiderte Lösungen, um sicherzustellen, dass die Visualisierung genau Ihren Vorstellungen und Anforderungen entspricht.

Individual consultation

Our expertise in new build visualization

"We feel extremely valued by Blue Moon as a customer. We would particularly like to emphasize the speedy implementation in the realization of our renderings and the first-class customer service. The quality is impressive and has more than met our expectations."

Dennis Hildebrand


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Rendering of a comtemporary house with a view of the ocean
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