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How CGI Virtual Tours are Transforming Property Marketing

Imagine a strategy so effective that it could boost your property sales by 9% and cut average listing times by 31%. A comprehensive study of over 140,000 property listings in the US found the key to unlocking these remarkable benefits: Integrating 3D virtual tours into your property listings.

CGI Tours

With the advent of CGI tours, the process of integrating virtual tours into your property listings has become even easier. These cutting-edge tours, created through the fusion of AI algorithms and advanced rendering technologies, are redefining the essence of property marketing. At the vanguard of this revolution stand companies like Blue Moon Virtual, demonstrating the potential of these immersive experiences in reshaping property marketing.

Understanding CGI Tours

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) virtual tours represent a groundbreaking approach in real estate visualization. Unlike conventional 3D virtual tours, CGI tours are created using advanced computer graphics, often seen in films and video games. This technology, powered by artificial intelligence, enables a hyper-realistic representation of properties, often indistinguishable from physical reality. The precision and detail offered by CGI tours allow potential buyers to explore properties in a comprehensive and engaging manner. The properties can be virtually staged and showcased long before they are developed, creating invaluable benefits for residential developers.

View an example of a CGI Tour, generated and rendered by Blue Moon Virtual's technology.

The influence of 3D Virtual Tours on Real Estate Sales and Market Dynamics in the USA

The introduction of 3D virtual tours has markedly transformed the real estate landscape. Statistics reveal that listings featuring virtual tours sold for up to 9% higher than those without and closed up to 31% faster, particularly in the South market. These figures underscore the significant impact of this technology on both the sale price and the speed of real estate transactions. The period between November 2016 and November 2019, covering a total of 143,575 listings, of which 3,935 utilized 3D tours, provides a robust dataset underscoring these trends.[1]

Consumer Engagement and Preferences

The consumer response to virtual tours is overwhelmingly positive. A study by found that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than those without. Furthermore, 54% of buyers are unlikely to consider a listing if it lacks high-quality images, underscoring the importance of visual appeal in the digital age. These statistics highlight the crucial role of virtual tours in capturing and retaining buyer interest.

"The decision-making process for property buyers has evolved with the advent of virtual tours. According to Planet Home's ‘Trend Study’, 75% of potential customers consider virtual tours a major tool in their decision-making process."

Are CGI Tours more effective than traditional Virtual Tours?

CGI Virtual Tours are increasingly becoming a game-changer in the real estate sector, especially for project developers and brokers seeking cutting-edge marketing tools. Blue Moon Virtual offers these tours at a cost-effective rate, starting from just a few hundred dollars per unit, making them an attractive option for brokers of various scales. For project developers, CGI tours are invaluable. They enable the full staging of apartments and properties, even those yet to be constructed, allowing potential buyers to visualize the property and allowing developers to profit from a 9% sales increase and a 31% cut in listing times. 

CGI Tours for Project Developers

For project developers, CGI tours offer a transformative tool in real estate marketing. Blue Moon Virtual’s ability to provide these tours at an accessible price point, starting from just a few hundred dollars per unit, opens a realm of possibilities. The most significant advantage lies in the potential to fully stage and visualize properties that are yet to be developed. This visualization allows prospective buyers to not only see but also emotionally connect with a space before it physically exists. Such an immersive experience is instrumental in driving sales and significantly reducing listing times. The unparalleled detail and realism offered by CGI tours give developers a powerful edge in a competitive market.

Are CGI Tours a Good Option for Me?

When considering the value of CGI tours for broader real estate marketing needs, their benefits extend well beyond project development. While traditional 3D tours might offer a cost-effective solution in some cases, they often lack the flexibility and visual impact of CGI tours. Blue Moon Virtual’s CGI tours stand out for their adaptability and customization, crucial for accurately representing properties, be they pre-existing structures or conceptual projects. The level of detail and immersive experience they provide makes CGI tours not just a viable choice but an increasingly essential tool for real estate brokers and agents aiming to elevate their property listings and engage potential buyers in a highly effective manner.

CGI Virtual Tours are available to view on mobile and desktop

List of Benefits of CGI Tours

  • Pre-Construction Visualization: Allows project developers to fully stage and showcase properties even before they are physically built.

  • Increased Sales Prices: Properties with CGI tours have shown to sell for up to 9% higher.

  • Faster Closing Times: Listings with CGI tours close up to 31% faster.

  • Higher Consumer Engagement: Listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views.

  • Influence on Buyer Decisions: 75% of potential customers consider virtual tours a major tool in their decision-making process.

  • Customization and Adaptability: CGI tours offer unparalleled flexibility in showcasing both existing structures and conceptual designs.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing Tool: Blue Moon Virtual offers CGI tours starting from a few hundred dollars per unit, making it accessible for various scales of brokers.

  • Reduced Need for Physical Showings: CGI tours can minimize the number of unnecessary property visits, saving time and resources.

In conclusion, virtual tours are revolutionizing the real estate sector, with CGI tours amplifying these benefits significantly. Their hyper-realistic depiction and capacity to emotionally connect with buyers translate into tangible outcomes: notably higher sales prices, quicker closing times, and enhanced consumer interest. Project developers gain immensely from the pre-construction visualization capabilities, while brokers and agents benefit from the adaptability and cost-effectiveness of CGI tours. In today's digitally-driven market, CGI tours have emerged as a key tool for success, offering a competitive edge in real estate marketing. As technology advances, the scope and influence of CGI tours are poised to grow, further cementing their role as a vital element in contemporary property marketing.


What are CGI Virtual Tours?

Unlike conventional virtual tours found in property listings, CGI tours are created using advanced computer graphics, often seen in films and video games. This technology leverages powerful graphics processing units and artificial intelligence to enable hyper-realistic representation of properties, often indistinguishable from physical reality.

How do CGI Tours impact real estate sales?

A comprehensive study of over 140,000 property listings in the US found that the use of virtual tours in property listings could boost property sales by up to 9% and cut average listing times by up to 31%.

Are CGI Tours cost-effective for real estate marketing?

Yes, CGI Tours are a cost-effective marketing tool, with companies like Blue Moon Virtual offering these services starting from a few hundred dollars per unit.


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