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Introducing Blue Moon Virtual's Property Marketing Assistant: Your AI-Powered Ally in Real Estate

Welcome to a new era in real estate marketing with the Property Marketing Assistant from Blue Moon Virtual. This AI tool, using OpenAI's GPT-4 and Blue Moon Virtual’s specific real estate marketing knowledge, is designed to be a dependable and intelligent partner for real estate professionals.

Virtual Property Marketing Assistant AI
Exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus Subscribers at no additional cost

Smart AI, Smarter Listings

This AI tool is built upon OpenAI's GPT-4, the most well-known and user-friendly AI language model to date. The tool helps you create property listings that are not just detailed and accurate, but also engaging and appealing to potential buyers. Think of it as having a highly intelligent collaborator, always ready to assist with your marketing needs.

Expert Insights from Blue Moon Virtual

Beyond AI capabilities, this tool is fed with the dataset and expertise of Blue Moon Virtual, leaders in digital real estate marketing. This integration provides users with industry-specific advice and strategies, ensuring that each listing is not only well-written but also market-savvy.

Unlocking the Potential of Location

A standout feature of the AI tool is the geo-location analysis. This functionality independently researches the specifics of a property's location for you, highlighting key aspects like local amenities, schools, and transport links. By doing this, it presents a comprehensive picture that increases the appeal of your listings.

Complimentary Access for Chat GPT Subscribers

In a significant move, Blue Moon Virtual offers this advanced tool at no additional cost to Chat GPT subscribers. This initiative ensures that a wider range of real estate professionals and agents can benefit from top-tier marketing technology, enhancing their property listings effectively and efficiently.

Strategic Approach to Property Listings

The Property Marketing Assistant doesn't only guide users in creating listings but also includes strategic marketing tips and tricks to attract the right audience. This approach is about combining the power of AI with real-world marketing knowledge to achieve great listings.

In summary, the Property Marketing Assistant from Blue Moon Virtual represents a significant advancement in the field of real estate marketing. By combining the linguistic capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4 with industry-specific insights from Blue Moon Virtual, this tool offers a unique, effective solution for enhancing property listings. It's an essential asset for today's real estate professionals, simplifying and bettering the process of property marketing in the digital age.

Try out the Property Marketing Assistant here:


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