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5 Best Text-to-3D Model Generators

Selecting the right text-to-3D model generator is an important decision for designers, animators, and developers looking to streamline their workflow. These tools convert textual descriptions into detailed three-dimensional models, serving as a bridge between conceptualization and visualization. With several options on the market, each offering unique features and pricing structures, we've curated a list of the top five tools that stand out for their capabilities and user-friendliness. This article aims to provide an informative guide to help you choose the tool that best fits your project requirements and budget constraints.

Monkey 3D Model AI generated
Prompt: 'A monkey dressed in a suit', 3D Model generated with Genie by Luma AI

Tool Name


Export Formats

Free Plan

Starting Price

Yes (Alpha)



$9 per month




$600 per year




$10.99 per month








Free for 200 credits / month


Spline stands out for its collaborative approach to 3D design, offering a web-based platform that facilitates real-time teamwork and individual creativity. With its drag-and-drop interface and real-time physics simulations, it simplifies complex modeling tasks. Spline's strength lies in its capacity to enable designers to create, edit, and share 3D content seamlessly across teams. The platform provides a free basic plan, which is suitable for individuals and small teams beginning their 3D design journey. For those requiring more advanced features and capabilities, Spline offers a subscription service starting at $9 per month, which grants access to a broader range of tools to enhance productivity and design fidelity.

When it comes to text-to-3D, Spline is currently, as we are writing this article, in the 'Alpha' phase of full text-to-3D-model, wich many users being required to join the waitlist. The current basic functionalities do include AI textures, which are incredibly helpful.

Our overall ranking for Spline as a text-to-3D generator: 6/10


Meshcapade is particularly adept at creating e-commerce ready models with precision and detail. Its utilization of the skinned multi-person linear model (SMPL) makes it capable of producing highly realistic 3D human avatars, which can be critical for virtual try-ons or showcasing apparel. However, while Meshcapade's capabilities in generating human figures from text are commendable, it is still in the Beta phase and its interface, while user-friendly, may present a learning curve for some.

In terms of text-to-3D potential, particularly for e-commerce applications, Meshcapade earns a solid 7/10, even though the price tag is comparatively high.

Masterpiece X

Masterpiece X shines with its user-oriented design, allowing for the seamless creation of 3D assets from textual descriptions. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set cater to both novices and more experienced 3D designers. While it excels in ease of use and has a generous free plan, the quality of output for more complex designs can be variable.

Focusing on text-to-3D functionality, Masterpiece X scores a 7/10 for its overall user experience and accessibility.

Genie by Luma

Offering one of the most user-friendly experiences, Genie by Luma creates high-resolution models right in your browser, Discord, or on iOS devices. It's an easy and overall good option for those who value straightforward design without the hassle of complex setups. Genie's process starts with a simple text prompt, turning descriptive language into digital form. Despite being free and unlimited in use, users should note that its specialization in individual objects may require further refinement for high-quality results.

We gave it a ranking of 7.5/10 for being the most straightforward and easiest to use.


Meshy comes packed with features that cater to both the Alpha and Beta stages of design, providing robust customization including a "Negative Prompt" to exclude unwanted elements. It integrates smoothly with Unity and Blender via APIs, streamlining the design process for game developers and animators. Meshy's free plan is decent with 200 free credits, but for dedicated creators, its subscription service enhances the experience with faster servers and ownership of assets. Each request to the prompt consumes 5 credits to generate the initial models and another 20 for each round of further refinement. Meshy also features image-to-3D capabilities.

Meshy earns an 8/10 overall for being a good, cost-friendly option, as well as having great integration possibilities.


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